4 Expelled, 4 Suspended as College Prank Goes Bad!

Arcanix – The floating colleges of Arcanix took a huge hit in public image this week as member’s of their Beta Rho Theta chapter , the self proclaimed ‘bros.’ were arrested in connection to the willful damage to and violent kidnapping of a student of a neighboring school.

the King’s Respite Académie Professionnelle was firebombed early Wir, in the midst of their heavy certification cycle. A witness, who’s name authorities have not released was also kidnapped to prevent their identification. KRAP, officials responded quickly, and sent an team of Arbiters to find the missing student and the instigators who caused such heinous devastation upon their college.

After an exhaustive investigation of the scene, and related evidence, that team was able to chase the culprits to ground in the towers of Arcanix. A major altercation between ΒΡΘ and KRAP investigators left one connected to the indecent dead.

the Island academy has agreed to hold the floating towers accountable for damages, and has left the reparations to the older school. The Towers immediately dealt with the eight students actively responsible for the prank, and has held ΒΡΘ in academic probation pending a thorough investigation by an independent investigator. the Investigator can recommend many options including a complete banning of the club and all officers of said club.


4 Expelled, 4 Suspended as College Prank Goes Bad!

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