Porter Street Adventure

Problems Worsen as Investigation Deepens.
By: Quinten Durby

Arcanix- Bad news comes in threes, as administrators of the prestigious Arcanix Mage Academy are finding out this week. Administration woes deepened yesterday as allegations of extortion, corruption, and assault on fellow students has surfaced against Beta Rho Theta Fraternity. The investigation started earlier this week when members of ΒΡΘ firebombed a rival school in a malicious prank that ultimately left one of their own members dead, while tangling with authorities. The Chronicle has attempted to reach out to Chancellor Kavalant’s office for comment, but no reply has been made at time of publishing. While no official word will be released until the investigation is complete, sources close to the case have disclosed on the condition of anonymity, that numerous acolytes of the academy have stepped forward accusing the self-proclaimed ‘Bros’ of various wrongdoings ranging from forcing classmates to do their homework, to assault of several female students. To make matters worse, three ΒΡΘ Officers: Daen ir’Sanne, Pater d’Deneith, and Urik d’Orien have disappeared during the initial confusion, and are wanted by the Aundair authorities for questioning in association with this case.
Reports are coming in from several colleges that Chancellors are revoking ΒΡΘ Charters at their respective schools, pending internal audits of their activities. While allegations are currently isolated to the Arcanix Mage Academy, Administrators are not taking chances in allowing the drama to spread to their campuses.
Academic, Magical, and Political pundit will soon light up this chronical, and other, lesser, news outlets on the effect this scandal will have on the school of magi, and the Arcane Congress, which is the parent organization. It has been confirmed that the Arcane Congress, once a strong lobby in Aundair, and regularly present at the Queen’s court, has not been allowed an audience within Aundair’s inner sanctum since this incident was unfurled almost two weeks ago.
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heart-full adventure
inwhich we chase down Cybil
  • Cybil was captured
  • Talia can’t jump and was told not to summon trout.
  • Felix sends a tweet
  • DnD-ception
  • Edrick got laid with 2 girls and Vex
  • Edrick takes what he can get (guess that includes Vex)
  • Vex ate a heart. Meat-heads literally shat themselves
  • We impersonnated police
  • Cybil was freed
in which we meet Trotter

Felix (Tyler’s character) goes in to the Eldeen Reaches, west of Wolf’s Paw, in search of an Animal Companion. During which time he stalks a pair of poachers, killing them and befriending Trotter, a surviving female wolf.

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