Human Cleric


My name is Sybil, and I am a cleric-in-training and I want nothing more than to serve my god, Aureon. I was raised in a temple of my patron god, and have been in his debt since. Initially I began training at a very young age to become an enforcer of the law, thinking that was the only good I could do for this city with the lack of funds I had.

At the age of fifteen I enlisted in the city guard and began my arduous journey up the ranks. I stayed in the guard for years, and endured so many, too many, hardships all in the name of my god and my people. I’ve always had an insatiable urge to help and protect others, but I also was raised to know that upholding the law and knowledge are paramount. When I had finally reached the rank of Captain, I thought that everything in my life would fall into place. Sadly, I still felt as though I had not fulfilled my service to Aureon. A few years after my ascension, I stepped down from my position and enrolled in the academy to become a cleric.

Upon entering the academy, I met a young elf named Vex. Meeting Vex helped me become accustomed to the insanity that was the academy. Though Vex was training to be a rogue, I still hope that he will use his skills to help the law rather than hinder it. I am ready to graduate from this place and begin serving my god as best I can.


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