Edrick Demuer

Schizophrenic Paladin


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Edrick Demuer. If the name Demuer doesn’t sound familiar, it should. They are a family of well-known political advisers for hire. It was through the advice of a Demuer that the small island state of Pwen became a naval and merchant super power, and through them that the War of No End finally ended; in bloody genocide. The effectiveness of the political Demuer family cannot be emphasized. The ethics on the other hand….
Edrick’s Grandmother was the one that started it when she knowingly became involved with a demon, and the remainder of the family carries the taint of blood because of it. The family, for the most part, has accepted that part of them, and has used it to further themselves
Difficulty came for Edrick in his relative youth when he became involved with a young Paladin he only knew by the name of Nephany. It was by chance that they met; sharing passage on ship during one of his Father’s many travels. Originally infatuated with each other and propelled by the boredom of sea travels, fleeting young love followed. Weeks later, during a stormy night, everyone held up in there cabins, Nephany came to Edrick. It was during this intimacy that the two souls where able to glimpse each other, and see just how opposite they were. Nephany, stunned by what she saw, did not speak for the remainder of the night, and Edrick did not see her at all the following day. These nights define Edrick’s life.
Nephany did indeed come to Edrick again the following night as Edrick has hoped, his heart still broken and aching from the previous night. Seeing her dressed in her holy armor for combat, however, confused him. Emotions a whirl, pain and love mixing with the need for survival, the Other One took over for Edrick.
Glimpses are all he has as far as memory from that night. Black ichor swimming under his skin, claws sharp as steel, eyes black as obsidian. The resulting fight on the deck took hours, sailors looking on stunned, Edrick’s father observing with a devilish smirk.
When Edrick finally came to his senses, Nephany was dead, her body desecrated on the decks in the beginnings of some horrible ritual. Horrified, he took the battered remains of her armor and retreated to his cabin for the remainder of the voyage, finally confronted with his inner demon. His father paid the sailors handsomely to keep them quiet.
When land was finally struck, with his battered and bloodied holy armor, Edrick wandered, trying to distract himself from the Other One, and to find some purpose in life. Purhaps his choice to go adventuring and trying to be a Paladin helps distract him and keeps the Other One at bay. Truth is, Edrick isn’t even sure if he wants to hold the Other One back, and occasionally, he comes out again.

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Edrick Demuer

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